Climate Change

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The renewable energy sector employs 6.5 million people worldwide

— Climate Reality (@ClimateReality) June 12, 2014” class=”alignnone” />

The renewable energy debate

Here’s another letter to the local (Warragul and Drouin Gazette) paper in response to Mr Schellekens this week. I applaud Mr Schellekens for his persistence but that is about all. He claims that the laws of physics and economics won’t allow the transition to a renewable energy based economy without detailing which particular law he thinks is the problem. He may not be aware of the various reports produced by Beyond Zero Emissions or the Australian Energy Market Operator into how we might make the transition. There is no law of physics that I know that stops electrons flowing from steam turbines, mechanically driven generators or photovoltaic panels. He also seems to be concerned that we might run out of salt. That seems to be a new low in the argument against renewable energy. It is clear that the laws of physics and chemistry are not negotiable and that Mr Schellekens and our current set of state and federal governments think they are. I’m not sure which of these institutions Mr Schellekens distrusts so much that the message from all about the need to change our ways to prevent runaway global warming does not register in his mind: NASACSIROInternational Energy AgencyIPCCMaggie ThatcherAustralian Academy of ScienceNational Centre for Atmospheric Research (US),numerous universities. Perhaps he can nominate a single scientific paper published in a peer reviewed journal that debunks the observed and projected changes in climate. I won’t hold my breath. The Greens are the only party with a rational, evidence based energy policy.  It may not appear cheap to implement but compared to the cost of adapting later it is a bargain. If my neighbours were in the habit of tipping their rubbish on the street and they were offered a payment to do it 10% less instead of being fined I would be outraged. Yet that is the coalition policy of direct action. What a joke. I don’t know how Mr Schellekens votes but I suspect even he would concede that parties that have energy policies like that will have no relevance in coming years.


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