Response to axing of Environmental Defenders Funding

My response to the axing of funding to the Environmental Defenders Office by the Abbott government (18.12.13) ought to be of concern to the people of Gippsland. Our fight to protect our land, water, food security, property values and rural amenity from the threat of unconventional gas mining has been supported by the EDO.

Many people will have seen EDO lawyers speaking at community meetings on coal seam gas, informing landholders of their rights. Their services are an important part of the action taking places across many communities affected by coal and coal seam gas exploration licences. 

We can expect to hear from the Liberal and National parties that they came to this decision to save money. At the same time they are increasing the generous treatment given to multinational mining companies who already receive at least $10 billion annually in subsidies and can look forward to the end of the Mineral Resources Rent (mining) tax. If you vote for the coalition at either state or federal level, you are voting for weaker action to protect our farmland, our natural resources and associated tourism industries- all to appease the big mining companies. 

Our soil, air and water are vital for all life on earth. They do not have a voice. At the moment they are being polluted for the profit of a few and to the detriment of all. The EDO are giving our natural world a voice. Shame on the Abbott government for trying to silence it.